Catalyst is where communities are built around the next generation of the Internet.

Build your next community around:

Web 3





Unlock the next tier in community coordination

DAOs give direct power to the people. Catalyst gives direct power to creating DAOs.

We make it incredibly simple to start your DAO with a no-code builder.

Keep the conversation going with text, media, voice & video.

Traditional Organization

Power held by few at the top

Rigid, Competition, Inequality, Opaque


Power shared by all

Agile, Collaboration, Diversity, Transparent


Your communities in the Metaverse

Achieve fractal localism while keeping all the best parts of open & closed online communities.

Host huddles, hubs and campfires to make amazing conversations possible.

Airdrop coins and NFTs to your most active community members.


Create & manage self-hosted, federated communities and DAOs

The most flexible and secure voting protocol built on Aragon

Algorithm-free, origin-verified conversations between your DAO and your community

Ready to use tools for governance, membership management, fundraising and more.

Connect with your members

You only need one platform

Making a self-regulated community is hard work. The tools you use to get there don't need to be. Catalyst Platform is the all-in-one solution to boost the participation in your community with ease, safety and with rewarding built-in.

Easy manage

Manage your member base

Don't waste time wondering about how to identify your members. Nested channels, where each channel can be a full-fledged community with specific rules, hierarchies, reply threads & children channels. No limits on depth.

Bring a human side

Truly decentralized

Contextual reputation models, with fully customizable permissions as a function of user roles, which are assigned by programmable rules based on reactions & opinions from other users.

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